Where To Summer Holiday?

Where To Summer Holiday?

by Yiota Tsitsikronis

Winter is finally over and after spending hours hibernating indoors, trying to find ways to keep warm and entertain yourself and your family it’s time to rip off those extra layers of clothing, get your blood flowing and plan that overdue vacation. Summer is upon us so take advantage of the sunshine and clear skies, fulfill that dream and start exploring some of the most exquisite places of the world!
For those of you with families, Europe has numerous classic family destinations. The Mediterranean is a mecca for holidaymakers and especially for those with younger children, traveling within Europe is easy and affordable and you don’t need to spend hours getting there. Most resorts and Islands within Spain, Majorca, Ibiza and Greece are a mere 2 to 3 hours by plane.

May 11th

For the more quaint, St Andrew’s in Scotland is one of Europe’s finest coastal town. With its beaches, cathedrals & castles, museums, historical sites, parks & gardens, aquarium and nature & wildlife it’s easy to see why this is one of the most kid-friendly holiday destinations in all of Europe. If a picturesque mountain village is more up your alley then the Bavarian Alps is the place to go. Lively towns, picturesque villages and cultural heritage sites all offer a wealth of top-class concerts, musical festivals, literature events and exhibitions.
For nature lovers the Bavarian Alps is perfect for every kind of outdoor activity both in summer and winter. With pure, healthy air, clean water and numerous spas and health resorts throughout the region the Bavarian Alps will guarantee recuperation and relaxation for you and your family.
For those of you on a budget who want value for money without compromising on your experience … how does flamenco dancing in Spain sound? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see Greece’s dramatic cliffs and coves that plunge into the sea? Or dance until dawn in Turkey? Maybe even sight-see in one of Croatia’s beautiful medieval towns? If you answered yes to one or all of the above then Spain, Greece, Turkey and Croatia are all a must see. Beyond the beautiful seaside’s, quaint villages and rich culture, these modern countries offer top-notch historical sights, exotic cuisine, and exciting nightlife. Traveling, accommodation and sight-seeing within these countries is affordable and with so much to see and experience (and on a budget) these amazing locations will not disappoint!

May 19th

If you are considering a more “romantical” holiday there may be no better place to travel than Europe. Whether you’re relaxing at a spa or beach, strolling hand in hand through a cobblestone street or even visiting a whimsical castle, there is not a place in Europe that does not ooze romance. Lake Como with its rose-laden belvedere villas, hanging lanterns that cast their glow over the lake shore and the majestic alpines visible on the horizon is no different. This alluring Italian destination is the epitome of romance and will surely sweep you away.
If you want to lose yourself in a city unlike any other, then Venice is the place to go. The most dreamy place you can ever imagine with its shimmery water, narrow alleyways and breath-taking palaces, churches and architecture this place will surely steal your heart. A local legend says that lovers will be granted eternal love and bliss if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs as the bells of St Mark’s Camanile chime.

May 15th

After reading this “teaser” of what Europe has to offer and (hopefully)working up your travel appetite, go and make those dreams a reality this summer and have that overdue vacation. Go and make some unforgettable memories and see for yourself. There really is so much to see and experience, and it’s all just a stone’s throw away! Go on then… you deserve it!

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