Quiz Time: Stars & Stripes

Quiz Time: Stars & Stripes

That’s right we are bringing Quiz Time back to the website. This one is just for fun. The answer are at the bottom of the page.


1. If you wanted to see the smallest state in the U.S.A where would you go?
(a) Delaware
(b) New Jersey
(c) Rhode Island
(d) Vermont

2. Which 4 presidents are immortalised on Mount Rushmore?
(a) Washington, Lincoln ,Adams, Roosevelt
(b) Washington ,Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jefferson
(c) Washington, Grant, Roosevelt, Jefferson
(d) Lincoln, Grant, Roosevelt, Madison

3. Which one of these is the fastest roller-coaster in the U.S. boasting speeds of 128 miles per hour?
(a) Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point, Ohio
(b) Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
(c) Millennium Force, Cedar Point, Ohio
(d) Superman Escape from Krypton, Six Flags Magic Mountain, New Jersey

4. If you wanted to see the tallest waterfall in the USA-a total of 2,425 foot distance from the top of the upper falls to the base of the lower falls where would you go?
(a) Johannesburg Falls, Washington
(b) Cloudcap Falls, Washington
(c) Sperry Glaucer Falls, Montana
(d) Yosemite Falls, California


5. If you had $40,000 to spare to spend a night in the penthouse of the most expensive hotel in America where would you stay?
(a) New York Palace, New York City
(b) Four Season Hotel, New York City
(c) Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas
(d) Plaza Hotel, New York City

6. If you were in the most haunted town in the U.S., a place full of scary mansions, taverns and graveyards and got spooked by the most iconic ghostly figure of this creepy town-the “Voodoo Queen”-where would you be?
(a) New Orleans, Louisiana
(b) Savannah, Georgia
(c) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
(d) Athens, Ohio

7. This area’s telegenic canyons and sandstone towers is said to be thee most beautiful place in all of the U.S.A.
(a) Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
(b) Red Rock Country, Arizona
(c) Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
(d) White Sands National Monument, Alamogordo New Mexico


8. If you were visiting this charming Bavarian village in the mountains that has been crowned the “Ultimate U.S Holiday Town” -the epitome of Christmas with its holiday characters, old fashion carolling and roasted chestnuts you’d be where?
(a) Leavensworth, Washington
(b) New Iberia, Louisiana
(c) Decorah, Iowa
(d) Breckenridge, Colorado

9. All of these very strange names are actual towns in the U.S. except one. Which one is incorrect?
(a) Toad Suck, Arkansas
(b) Coffin Top, South Georgia
(c) Dead Women Crossing, Custer County Oklahoma
(d) Humpty Doo, Massachusetts

10. “I was eating a junior three way with a tonic when I saw a skid running in his bobo’s. He sure was playing ally-ally oxenfree with the boys…” If I was using this slang where in the U.S. would you find me?
(a) New York
(b) California
(c) Boston
(d) Chicago

11. If you were to visit the world’s largest ball of twine built by a single person (this ball of twine was rolled 4 hours a day for 29 years) where would you be?
(a) Alabama
(b) Kansas
(c) Minnesota
(d) New Jersey


12. If you were to order the U.S.A.’s biggest pizza commercially available for consumption (this pizza is 4ft 6 x 4ft 6) you’d be dining where?
(a) Al Forna Restaurant, Providence
(b) Big Mama’s and Papa’s, Los Angeles
(c) Big Lou’s Pizza, San Antonio
(d) Casey Pizza Truck, San Francisco

13. I’m in the highest building in the Western Hemisphere- this structure is 1,776m tall and boasts 105 floors. Where am I?
(a) Willis Tower
(b) Empire State Building
(c) Trump International Hotel and Tower
(d) One World Trade Centre


ANSWERS:C, B, B, D, B, A, B, A, D, C, C, B, D

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