AusAir Worldwide Offers £100 Return Flights To Australia

AusAir Worldwide Offers £100 Return Flights To Australia

Former Qantas CEO Bruce Watson is launching a new airline today called AusAir Worldwide. It’s goal is to provide the cheapest flights possible to locations all over the world from Australia.

“As we are flying from airports outside the big cities we can cut our costs right down. We are using red 27 grade fuel which lasts longer despite being slightly more polluting.”


The airline has met with protests from environmental groups who say that just one AusAir Worldwide flight creates the same pollution as four 747s flying the same route. But who can turn their noses up at a £100 return flights London Oxford to Dubbo City (Sydney)? We certainly won’t, the environment is one thing but being able to fly a return to Australia for less than a decent meal out is another. We spoke to Bruce about his choice of airports.

“Dubbo may be slightly outside Sydney but there are bus links that’ll have you there in just a couple of hours. But being located in the bush gives people a chance to see the real Australia, poisonous snakes and all.”

Local New South Wales politicians are in favour of the new airline as it will bring the tiny population of Dubbo City (41,000) hundreds of jobs and tourists. Local mayor Shane Robberson has backed the airline from the start:

“The new funding the airline has brought into the airport has gone on improving our infrastructure. We’ve had a lot of problems with roos and other wildlife on the runways recently but we’ve solved that with leccy fences and guards. I like to think that tourists will see Dubbo as an outback hub as opposed to a dump with a runway.”

Restless Backpack has already booked two seats on the first flight from London Oxford to it’s Western Australia hub, Leonora Airport, just 10 hours outside of Perth.

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