Travel In The 90s

Travel In The 90s

by Lucie Ondreasz

Technology is the real leader in our now modern world, without it, we would most likely all crumble. As a world, we have forgotten how to live with just the basics, without mobile phones and the internet, things that were only born 20 years ago.

The 90′s brought to us many things, it brought us the curtain hair style, spice girls, the Tamagotchi and many more great and quirky things but It also changed the future of travel and communication for the better. The day to day things we take for granted while we travel, like checking google maps for directions, sending emails, updating your blog or even tweeting, were unheard of 20 years ago. Travel was more ‘dangerous’ and unknown, it was a lot harder to keep in contact with family and friends and if you said to someone ‘I will Google it’ they would of probably just looked at you confused.

The best photo

[Our editor Luke as a teenager in Italy in the late 90s. This was taken on a disposable Kodak, like most holiday pics]

Have you ever thought, how did people book flights before the internet, or how did they share their adventure and travel stories if they were unable to blog them? The world functioned just as well before technology took us by the hands and dragged us in to the unknown. Most airliners would have ticket offices in big cities and travel agencies were a lot more popular back then. Travel stories were shared face to face, they were read from journals written by pencil and not from a blog.

The 90′s changed the way we travel today dramatically, but how? Mobile phone’s were invented in the 1990′s, one of the world’s best inventions along with the internet. Today it is a lot stranger for people to not have one than to have one. In 1992 the first ever SMS was sent, even though today this isn’t the most popular form of communication, it enabled travellers to send quick messages to their friends and families back home. In 1994 the Channel Tunnel was built, now a train can be taken from London to Paris for less than £70. The dates are debatable but in 1990 we were given something that changed the world, the Worldwide web (www) was born. Thanks to this, 24 years later we are able to do such things as book flights, check hostel reviews, skype, email, blog, share videos and pictures, find people and places, the list is endless. In 1994, Jeff Greenwald wrote the first ever travel blog, which today sees millions of people following suit, some even making a career out of it and funding their future travels from it.


The 90′s gave us digital cameras and memory cards, the chance to broaden photography and hold a whole new level of memories. The first Sat Nav was made in 1998, enabling people to find their destinations a lot easier. The Mp3 player was invented in 1997, making it easier for us to listen to music, something which is a godsend when your sat on public transport for 8+ hours. 1995 saw the invention of Amazon and Ebay, which today sees a lot of travellers using the sites to get next to nothing prices on travel necessities, like backpacks, walking shoes, plane tickets and clothing. The 90′s also brought to us satellite television. This enabled us to have specific channels, for example travel channels, another step to towards making travel easier. There is no denying that the 90′s brought to us some of the biggest changes in the world but was it really for the better? The decades before, the world still managed to survive without mobile phones, the internet and digital cameras.
People went in to café’s to drink coffee and meet friends and not just because that was the only place that had WiFi. They travelled without Sat Navs, they got lost and lost again but found new and unexplored places along the way.

DSCF0020[A typical holiday photo from the 90s which at the time looked amazing but not so much when picking up the prints from Tesco]

Though the internet, a long with a lot of other inventions has helped travel for the better, we should all once in a while take a step back from technology and travel with nothing but ourselves, make memories that don’t need to be stored on memory cards and travel to see the world with our own eyes and not through the eyes of a camera.
We should listen to the stories and the mumblings of the world instead of our mp3 players but most importantly we need to do this now, before technology ruins what’s left of this beautiful and natural world.

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