The Battle For Niagara

The Battle For Niagara

Niagara Falls is one of the most picturesque places in the world. It is also the most visited with around 18 million annual visitors making the pilgrimage to see their spray. The falls sit on the border between Canada and the USA providing a chance for the two nations to go head to head over tourists. Canada invested heavily in their side of the falls 40 years ago and currently pulls in around 12m of the 18m tourists each year with superior views.

The US is investing at the moment to try and lure back a large number of those tourists with modern amenities and the chance to get a lot closer to the water. Each side has a unique selling point they feel will win over more tourists but at the end of the day tourists will go where there is the least amount of hassle. Or where the kids can get the most amount of tat!

We can’t judge though as Niagara Falls is somewhere we’ve never been. But it seems to us just being there is good enough no matter what side you are on!

Niagara Falls

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