Top 10: Interestingly Bizarre Facts

Top 10: Interestingly Bizarre Facts

by Yiota Tsitsikronis

The world is full of oddities and we’ve compiled 10 of our favourites down from a shortlist of 30.

10. In Albania shaking your head mean yes and nodding means no. Try it yourself, say yes out loud while shaking your head. It’s not easy.

9. The shortest airline flight that you can buy tickets for is just 2 minutes and runs from the Scottish Island of Westray to Papa Westray.

8. India has never invaded another country in its history.

7. The coins thrown into the Trevi Fountain in Italy are collected for charity.

6. Brazil is named after a tree.

5. In East Africa you can buy beer brewed from bananas!

4. California has issued at least 6 drivers licenses to people named Jesus

3. Venetian Blinds were invented in Japan.

2. Singapore has the highest ratio of millionaires in the world! 1 out of every 6 households has a 1 million dollar or more disposable income, the highest in the world!

1. Greenland cannot join Fifa because not enough grass grows there. (Ironic much…?) Executives claim that because of the lack of proper grass and the extreme weather conditions, they cannot grant Greenland entry into FIFA.

Now you have some party knowledge, get back to work!

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