We’ve Recruited New Writers!

We’ve Recruited New Writers!

Since the new year we’ve been looking to expand our writing staff and provide more regular original content on the site. We put a call out for people who love to write about travelling without limitation. The applications are still coming in but after vetting down 30 applications the last six weeks we picked our three favourite writers to join the team. All are completely different people with different tastes and travel habits so we are excited to see the great articles they come up with. All three have written their first articles and will be up in the next week. I’ll stop waffling now and let you meet the new members of the super team!


Lucie is the youngest of the group and only recently discovered her wanderlust after leaving school. She got a 9-5 job and it drove her crazy until she landed a summer job in Catalunya, Spain. She hasn’t looked back since!


What got you interested in travel?

I have always been on the road, even as a child. When I was a few months old we left the UK and moved to a small village in Hungary. My Dad worked for a well known television company and we would travel around Europe in his satellite uplink van.
I learnt to ride my bike in Italy, travelled to Sarajevo during the war, spent nights parked up in lay-bys in Croatia and Serbia and also lived in Germany on and off for a year. This was all before the age of 8, I was brought up moving from place to place and this reflects my personality now, I just can’t keep still and always need to be on the move.

Where have you been?

Let’s just say there are more places I still need to explore than places I have already been. Altogether I have done 3 continents, Europe – Australasia – Africa. I’m only 23 though, I have my whole life to travel, to me the slower the better, you can soak up the cultures better that way.

Where are you going in the next couple of years?

I hate planning, where is the sense of adventure in planning? Saying that I am ‘planning’ a new adventure in May 2014. I’ve always wanted to get to Asia through Europe without flying and that is just what I am going to do. I have a brief idea of which countries I want to travel through but like I said, I’m not planning anything, It all depends where the road takes me.

What do you like talking about?

It’s hard work trying to find ANYONE who is either, free to travel, wants to travel or has the money to travel. So yes I do a lot of solo travelling, which as a female can be difficult at times. Conversation is the key to making friends along the way, I believe a good conversation starts with asking somebody about themselves first, their adventures and travels, finding similarities and sharing jokes and stories.



Yiota (pronounced Yot-tah) is a 31 year old South African living in Johannesburg. Yiota is very outgoing and a  big fan of doing anything loud. Her favourite vices are sushi and chocolate.

Why are you so interested in travel?

I love the fact that the world is so diverse and that there really is so much to see and learn in every place you visit. Each country and culture is so different and unique and every place is beautiful in its own right.  It’s the excitement of going somewhere you’ve never been and getting to experience a little bit of the lifestyle and culture. I love that!

Where have you been?

I am very blessed to live in a beautiful country with a lot to offer so there is always something new and exciting to see and experience in South Africa- I never pass up the opportunity to travel within my own country. I have also been fortunate enough to have travelled to Egypt, Greece, Mozambique, London, Turkey and Dubai!

Where are you going in the next couple of years?

Wow, there are so many places I’d love to see…Europe, Scotland and Ireland are definitely on my bucket list for 2014. It’s always been my dream to travel to Finland to see the Northern Lights, then there’s Hawaii & the Caribbean, Australia and Asia!

What do you like talking about?

Anything and everything! Anything interesting/”hip” and “happening” like food, travel, fashion, celebs, music, gadgets, anything making current & international news, men :)



Fellow South African Farrah enjoys the spiritual and cultural side of travelling. Having been a nomad most of her life moving around and travelling is truly in her blood. She has fallen in love with India and can’t wait to go back there and immerse herself in the country once more.


Who are you and what do you do?

Who am I? What a phenomenally confounding question! First off the bat, I am a curious, conscious and passionate person. For many years now I have been exploring the world through the guise of a social & visual anthropologist, having studied at the University of Cape Town and then made forays into the world of documentary film.Ironically it was through documentaries that I realised my need to be on the ‘doing’ side of the lens, rather than just the storytelling side and so I jetted off around the world to find the places and tools I could use to navigate my passions. A few of the things I currently do are: Running a small ‘writing services’ business, working as a project manager for Environmental & Educational NGO’s, being a musician/ singersongwriter and researching medicinal plants & forms of ancient mythology from around the world.

Why are you so interested in travel?

We all deserve the chance to see how the world works in different ways. As a travelling ‘type’ I am sure I can speak for all of us when I say that there’s a certain insatiable curiosity that governs our movements. We want to immerse ourselves, feel the ancient songs of temples and experience the sensations of different environments.

I have been moving all of my life, I’ve lived in more than 20 homes in my life in South Africa and seen so much of this beautiful country that it has inspired me to see and feel the beauty of other places around the world.

Where have you been?

All over South Africa, most of Western Europe, Egypt, USA (Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Louisiana, Florida, Arizona) and india.

Where are you going in the next couple of years?

Germany (Berlin), Back to India! Indonesia, South America (Columbia, Guatemala & Peru), Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and Australia

What do you like talking about?

I like talking about YOU as well as my interests like healing systems from around the world, ancient mythologies & historical mysteries and music. Healthy wholesome living is important to me as well as the experience of the travelling identity/ the gypsy/ the mover


Finally….. I hope you are all as excited at the expansion of the team as we are and keep checking back for more articles from the super team.

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