Top 10: USA Road Trip Photos

Top 10: USA Road Trip Photos

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As our regular readers will know we recently drove 5500 miles across the US from San Francisco to Chicago via LA, Vegas, Salt Lake City & Milwaukee. We took thousands of photos during the trip and have spent hours narrowing down our favourites.  We then picked the ones we liked the most from this list. There are a number missing from the list we know people liked  but we couldn’t please everyone!

10. Yosemite National Park

This is one of our favourite photos however it is also on of the most snapped views in the whole of America so it sits at number 10. We got up well before dawn to capture this and only once the sun had taken its sweet time did we realise we could have stayed in bed another two hours.

9 - Tunnel View

9. Hackberry General Store

Nestled away in the Arizona wilderness, this now largely unused part of Route 66 has a gem that dates back nearly 100 years. If you love anything to do with Route 66 this is your place, from the 80 year old jukebox inside to the 1950 cars out front. We snapped a Harley Davidson out front which I felt fit with the store.

30 - Route 66

8. Antelope Canyon

Near the Arizona-Utah border this slot canyon has some phenominal colours and rock formations. We really struggled to get any photos without including a dozen tourists but this one was the best of the lot.

35 - Antelope Canyon

7. Grand Canyon

We got up at 6am to see the Grand Canyon from Desert View. We had it to ourselves for the most part and didn’t want to leave.

31 - Grand Canyon

6. Nevada Desert

It was vast, empty and beautiful. We had a clear, windless days for our two day drive through the desert. At a couple of points we stopped for a break and found it so quiet and peaceful. Here is one I snapped out my driver side window during a drinks stop.

32 - Desert In Arizona

5. Chicago At Night

Taken from hundred of metres up the tallest building Chicago. I didn’t have a tripod with me so this was done holding the camera very steadily on a railing looking out over the western suburbs of Chicago.


4. Horseshoe Bend

Just a short drive from Antelope Canyon, followed by a long sweaty walk we come across Horseshoe Bend. A fantastic example of Mother Nature carving her way through the American landscape. I hung over the edge of the cliff to get this then changed my underwear back in the RV.

34 - Horseshoe Bend

3. South Dakota Rodeo

We drove through cold, snowy, empty land before coming across Mitchell, South Dakota. We spent the night at the World Famous Corn Palace and had an awesome time watching man eating bovine try their best to fling cowboys into the crowd. One bull managed to buck the cowboy over the horns and give him a firm butt up the backside for good measure.

41 - Rodeo 2


2. Stars Of Idaho

With a few hours to kill before bed I setup the tripod and velometer while we had dinner. The sky was clear and with no light pollution around we ended up with this lovely star trail image.

Oct 1stsmall

1. Death Valley

After a very scary drive at night through flood and sandstorms and violating our insurance agreement we arrived at the most desolate place we have ever been. Badwater Basin in Death Valley. I have never felt so uncomfortable being in the wilderness. It didn’t show though as we went out onto the salt and got some fantastic night shots.

10 (15)

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has been reading the trip diary and everyone who helped us out along the way either planning or on the trip. We are hoping to team up with some more companies next year to try and bring you another leg of the trip.

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