Casey Neistat Makes A Difference

Casey Neistat Makes A Difference

Casey Neistat is out favourite filmmaker here at Restless Backpack. Over the years we’ve watched practically  everything he has made. He does things the right way and often champions causes and adds creativity to situations without the Hollywood CGI.

Recently he was contacted by 20th Century Fox to create a short video to help with the promotion of upcoming film  “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. The budget was $25,000 and with their permission he took that money to the Philippines to help the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. This action may be seen as strange but it has garnered worldwide recognition for his actions and helped raise the awareness of the plight of those still struggling in the Philippines. Here is the video he made:

When you are done with that take a look at his video “My Girlfriend Candice”, it’s a great video and has a cool road trip in it!

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