USA Trip: Hotel Rankings So Far

USA Trip: Hotel Rankings So Far

So we are going to be staying in a dozen hotels while we are here in addition to the RV. Some have been amazing others have been woeful. We are going to give you a run down on them and rank them so the good can be lauded.  We have 10 categories we have rated each hotel out of 10. The score next to them is their total score out of 100.

With seven hotels down we’ve started the rankings. The categories we’ve used are:  Room Facilities, Room Cleanliness, Bed Comfyness, Wi-Fi, Bathroom, Staff, Hotel Appearance, Parking, Hotel Location and Value For Money.

1) Holiday Inn Modesto – 81

Best Holiday Inn we’ve ever been to. The staff were great, we got an upgrade for free and the food was great. The TV was huge, the bed was probably the largest bed I’ve ever slept in and the Wi-Fi was super fast.

2) Yosemite View Inn – 79

Got an upgrade here to a fantastic room by the river. Very happy we stayed here and so close to the park. Incredibly picturesque, could live here permanently. 24hr front desk meant we could checkout easy before sunrise.

3) Bel Abri Napa – 73

Greta style and very cozy. Staff were nice but fell down on the fact they recommend a taxi company known for ripping off tourists. We missed it’s welcome reception but heard it was great.

4) San Remo – 53

Very quirky and staff were great, but lack of bathroom facilities and parking cost it a higher ranking. The place smelt great if that counts, but the bed was uncomfortable.

5) Millenium Biltmore – 53

Such potential squandered by horrible outdated facilities and staff who treat customers like dirt. I was making a complaint to the girl on front desk and she just nodded going “mmhmm” while putting adverts in room key pockets.

6) Travelodge San Luis Obispo – 53

We got there late. We let them know we were going to be late too. It took me 10 minutes to summon the front desk person who came out in his underwear and ruffled shirt. Great start.

7) Country Hearth Inn – 51

Worst hotel by far, being central saved it from having a dismal score. There were bogeys on the pillow!!!

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