Quiz Time: Currency

Quiz Time: Currency

We will be running monthly quizzes to keep you all on your toes. For now it is just for fun but we are hoping to bring you excellent prizes in the coming months. This month’s theme focuses on currency. Please fill in the form on the contact page with your answers, the winner will be announced in the next quiz time.


1-Which US president features on the $100 dollar bill?

2-Monkey is slang for how many Pounds?

3-How many countries in Europe have the Euro?

4-Before the Euro what was the Netherlands currency?

5-Roughly how many Deutsche Marks were there to a dollar?


6-‘Deep Sea Diver’ is slang for which UK bank note?

7-The Ruble is the currency of which country?

8-In the 17th & 18th centuries Spanish Dollars were also know by what other name?

9- Shekel is associated with which country?

10-How many Mongolian Tögrög will it take you to buy a can of cola?

Mongolia 20 Tugrik ND(1993) obverse P-55


WINNER: David Murry, only person who got all correct.

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