Top 10: Packing Tips

Top 10: Packing Tips

Packing for a trip can either be exciting or hell depending on whether you know what you are doing. Most of the time it is not the weight that restricts us but the sizze of the case. Too big and you won’t be able to lug it around, too small and it won’t hold anything. So we’ve put together some tips on fitting the most into your bag with the least amount of hassle.

10. Fill Every Gap

If you are taking a small bag every inch of space needs to be filled. If you are taking shoes them socks and underwear fit perfectly in them. Pack them in there an you’ll be surprised how much space you can save. If you are taking shirts and belts coil the belt up and put it inside the shirt collar. It means the collar doesn’t collapse and the belt doesn’t unfurl.

9. Roll It

I don’t know exactly how this works, there’s maybe some voodoo in it. But if you roll your clothes they take up less space. Try it. Take a few t shirts and shorts and pack them normally. Then take them out and roll them into small packages and see how much space you save. It’s magic!


8. Details Inside

This one might sound a bit strange, but bear with me. One of the main reasons bags get lost is because the flight details and persons name gets lost. So it cannot help taping to the inside of the bag your flights and contact details.

7. Wear It

This may seem obvious to some but to others it is a revelation. If you are taking something bulky like a cold weather jacket, jumper or even a suit, wear it. The space it will save you will enable you to bring a lot more clothes or presents than normal. You don’t have to wear the item(s) the whole time, stash them away in the overhead compartment as soon as you are on and carry it off. friends_302_joey_chandlers_clothes

6. Check The Weather

Don’t pack for all weathers. Check what the weather is like where you are going. No point taking flip flops and stringy vests if it will creep 15 degrees in the sunshine.

5. Grid-It

This is my favourite item for packing small gadgets and loose items. Its thin and versatile and keeps everything in place for when you need them. It fits nice in a laptop bag and in the check in luggage. Depending on the size a decent one will set you back about £20.


4. Buy It Out There

This is great for the longer trips. It can work for tissues and it can work for toothpaste. You add up the toiletries, accessories, sun cream, etc and it takes up a fair amount of space. Chances are you will use it all up as well. So why take it with you? Buy it out there unless you’ll be miles from nowhere. In which case take a big bag!

3. Toiletries In A Bag

Sandwich bags, freezer bags, even cling film all work. It stops a leak or a broken container ruining all your clothes. Plus if a lid does come loose and fills the bag you can just pour it back in. The best thing about it is there is no waste as you just put them to one side and do the same on the way home. Then have some lovely shampoo flavoured sandwiches.


2. Dual Purpose Items / Capsule Wardrobe

Mix and match those clothes. You can take 8 items of clothing and have multiple outfits for well over a week. The important thing is to pick clothes that will match. It’s not just outfits either. That thick coat also makes a nice travel pillow. Those joggers are surprisingly good pyjamas. My favourite is wearing pants in the swimming pool……… (not really)

1. List, List, List

I cannot stress enough how easy life is with a packing list. Using all the things above you can make a list to end all lists for your travels. Like with a shopping list you put on it what you really need to take, and that stops you from throwing in things you don’t really need. How often have you just grabbed a bundle of socks and thrown them in not really thinking how many you need or how many you have just picked up? If you keep a list each time you can change it and chop it down to make it more streamline.


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